Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This is my first blog but everyone seems to have one!
And it will help me with my CAS hours (which i will explain)
I should get the hang of blogging soon though. Or completely forget about it.
Either way I'll start with some stuff about myself (:
I'm 15 years old, and tragically I live in Sweden.
I do however go to an international school (:
I'm in the eleventh grade, or first year of the IB diploma program, hence CAS hours.
CAS stands for creativity, action, and service, and aims to make students more well rounded people.
And, well, blogging counts towards creativity (:

Well that's enough about me for now at least, and I thought of something more important to share. Yesterday we had a so called "Theme Day" at school, it consisted of presentations by Emerich Roth and Patrik Pelosio, they both spoke about hatred and why it manifests in certain people and not others, and i must say, they kept me interested all day!
Emerich Roth survived the second world war and has been in a total of five concentration camps including Auschwitz, he has since moved to Sweden where he has worked as a social worker and helped many people overcome hatred. Emerich now tours the country speaking to students about his experiences as well as hatred along with Patric Pelosio.
Patrik Pelosio joined a criminal gang when he was just eleven years old, he started drinking and fighting and by the time he was twenty-two he was deep into drugs and crime. He had become the leader of his gang by the time he turned sixteen and then dealt in Asia, Africa, America, and other parts of Europe as well. But when he was twenty-two he was set to go on trial and decided to look for help, it would look good during the trial he though. At the third rehabilitation center he went to, Patrick met a woman who knew how to deal with people like him. She knew that somewhere inside Patrik there was a scared little boy and that's when his recovery began. He even took up contact with his abusive and alcoholic family and now has a great relationship with them. Patrick has been working against crime for 16 years now and strives to turn the hatred within people into love.
For anyone who speaks Swedish i strongly recommend watching:
Nyhetsmorgon med Patrik Pelosio
Såväl som Patrik's bok Jiddra Inte
Samt Vägen ur Hatet (teaser)
Och både Emerich Roth's och Patrik Pelosio's föreläsningar är verkligen att rekomendera!

Emerich Roth and Patrick Pelosio

That's all for tonight (:
xx. Jojo

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