Monday, January 16, 2012


I've had two tests today! Maths wasn't bad, vectors are fairly simple. But Swedish. Ughh. It's not like Swedish is actually hard for me in and of itself but we're having tests on the history of literature in general, today was the Renaissance... I understand and I remember the ideology, historical events around that time etc. I will just never be able to memorize the names of all those authors and their works... I'm assuming I'll have to retake the test so maybe I'll post my notes in a couple of days when I study for that...

Anyways, I was going to do an outfit post buuut, my photoshop won't open... I don't really see why since I still have valid serials, something about needing a user account? I've always gotten around that before though... Any suggestions? I really won't survive long without photoshop!

Well I have to go play volleyball now... Just for the record, I do NOT play volleyball. It's just that our dorm doesn't have enough people willing to play. Oh well, I guess I'll survive, but I can't wait for basketball!
Gotta go,
xx. Jojo

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