Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obsessions & sleepless nights

It's 2.51am and I've been in bed, trying to fall asleep, for almost three hours now. Suffice to say, it doesn't look like that's going to happen. It's because I'm thinking too much, I've gotten used to lying awake for an hour or so because I can't clear my head but this is extreme, either way I may as well do something semi-productive with my time, so I'm here.
If anyone actually follows my blog (I don't expect anyone does) you will have realized that my blogging comes in waves, that's because I obsess, some days/weeks it's googling wedding pictures, other times window shopping online and sometimes it's this blog. I recon I should train myself to obsess over more productive pastimes and I have in the past but living in Sweden seems to heighten my already disturbing procrastination. Maybe it's not Sweden maybe it's just that I'm at that age, it doesn't really matter why I suppose, I just need to find a way to focus when I need to and to completely clear my head when I need to.
It's 3am now and I can't sleep all day tomorrow so there isn't much of a point going back to bed, I think I'll update the blog, share some pictures from the past months, maybe share some of my latest obsessions.
xx. Jojo

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